Frequently Asked Questions

What is Praxey?


Praxey is a web and mobile application which enables people to monetize their time. After setting up a Praxey account, a person can use Praxey to video, or audio, call another Praxey account. The call can start from a phone, tablet, or web browser, and can ring on either a phone, tablet, or web browser. The call rings just like a Skype call, except that the caller has already entered a payment method, and has agreed to the price requested. Praxey times the call, and charges the caller's card after it is completed.



How can I use Praxey to get paid for my time?


Create an account and fill in your account details, including information about you, your credentials, and the service you are offering. Name your price per minute, and any per call minimum. Next, advertise your service. Your clients will each create their own Praxey account. When they call you, the call will ring on your phone, tablet, or web browser. When you answer, an audio or video conference will commence, which will be timed. After the call, we will charge your client's credit card according to your pricing schedule. Your account will then be credited that charge, less our commission. When you want to withdraw money from your account, go to the "account balance" page, and select "withdraw." It will prompt you to enter your Paypal address. Praxey will send your money to that address.



How do I use Praxey to call someone to whom I want to speak?


The process is the same, just inverted. ALL Praxey accounts are capable of both making and receiving paid calls. (either audio only or video/audio)



How does Praxey get paid?


We charge a percentage for each call made on our service. 



Praxey doesn't seem to be working on my browser. Why is that?

The Praxey videochatting technology runs over Google's WebRTC standard. Some browsers, most notably Safari (the default for Apple products), and Internet Explorer, do not yet support WebRTC. If you are using either, please switch to our preferred browsers: Chrome or Firefox.

This link shows the capability of different browsers with WebRTC:


What if I have technical problems on my call?

Each Praxey call starts with a 30 second grace period. During this time, either side can terminate the call without any charge. This is the time to make sure your connection is good. Before you do anything else check the audio quality, check the video quality, and make a decision if you want to proceed. If you face any issues during that initial 30 second period, simply stop the call. Often technical issues will resolve themselves on a second try. So, if the connection is poor on the first call, we recommend you try one more time, before giving up and trying someone else.


What if someone is showing available, but not answering when I call?


Try again. The problem may be a network issue, and a second attempt will go through.